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Suzhou MYM International Trade

Suzhou MYM International Trade Ltd. is a corporate enterprise established in 2016. we are based

in the city of Suzhou in China. Our export and import sides consist of four main categories: Heavy

machinery, Hardware and electrical products.

Heavy machinery includes UAV, parts and services, packing machinery, textile machinery,

automation machiery, office equipment and sport equipment, etc.

Hardware and electrical products include all kinds of small hardware, electric tools, cables and

accessories, all kinds of electric control cabinet, electronic parts and electronics, etc.

Our goal is to make every transaction go as smoothly as possible while adhering to all government laws and regulations. We srtive to bring you advaced techology and high quality products at the lowerst price possible. I as the general manager will try my best to provide you good customer services as well. I am looking forward to work with you!


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